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Speaker - Dancing Water

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Impressive accessory to PC, notebook and mobile phone!

Slim, sleek white speakers will not only be on the desk but also at the party. The effective visual effect is guaranteed by the water filled with the loudspeaker body. After connecting the speakers to a power source (notebook, PC, power bank) and audio input (3.5 mm jack), you can enjoy a glimpse of dancing water, which also plays with four changing colors.

Speakers are a great gift for everyone. You will enjoy the joy of all music lovers as well as PC gaming players.

The speaker must always be connected to the power supply. All necessary cables are included.

Detailed description:

  • power: 2x 3W
  • power: USB cable – necessary to connect to PC, laptop, powerbank
  • connecting cable length: 88 cm
  • USB cable length: 102 cm
  • 3.5 mm jack cable
  • speaker height: 22.5 cm
  • 4 different colors of water
  • light and color effect
  • suitable for parties, listening to music, playing PC games

Package contents:

  • 2x speaker
  • 1x USB cable to PC, laptop, powerbank
  • 1x cable with 3.5 mm jack audio connector

Illustration video:

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