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Space projector

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Beautiful decoration not only for the children's room. You can use the projector as a lamp or after removing the lid, the images will be projected on the wall. You can enjoy the show with several themes.
Will you project a universe, stars, fish or cake with a wish „happy birthday“? It is up to you which sky you choose. Included are replaceable tapes that make it easy to change the theme, with a happy birthday you can surprise the birthday. With the motif of the night sky or planets, you will fall asleep to your little ones.

The projector has several color modes that you simply switch with the left button, the same button is used to turn off the projector – long press or after clicking through all color modes. Use the right button to select the light intensity.

It is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) or via a USB cable that you can connect to a laptop.

Detailed description:

– Projector diameter approx. 12 cm
- Projector height approx. 15 cm
- Material: plastic
- White colour
- Power supply: 3x AA battery or USB cable

– The projector has 6 light modes

– Choice of light intensity
- Removable tapes and wheels with motifs
- 4 different themes – space, stars, fish, happy birthday
- Serves as a lamp or a projector (after removing the lid)
- Sleep assistant

Package contents:

1x projector
4x removable tape – space, stars, fish, happy birthday
4x interchangeable wheel – space, stars, fish, happy birthday
1x USB cable

Video from our testing:

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