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Sleeping bag for two

Sleeping bag for two

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Sleeping bag is equipped with a special zipper system, thanks to which sleeping bags can be combined and used as one big for two people! Of course, they can also be used separately.

Sleeping bag is suitable for traveling in two. The sleeping bag has zippers on the sides for variable use. So they can be divided into two separate sleeping bags or one big for two people!

There are also two cushions with a filling and a special bag into which the sleeping bag can be packed and transported.

How to create a sleeping bag for one and two people?

  1. If you want two separate separate sleeping bags, unfasten all the zippers that connect the two parts together, and fasten the two separate parts around with Velcro.
  2. If you want one large sleeping bag for two, put both sleeping bags on top of each other and use zipper all around.

Detailed description:

  • sleeping bag dimensions for 1 person: 95 cm x 77 cm
  • sleeping bag dimensions for 2 people: 190 cm x 154 cm
  • material: 100% polyester
  • cushion dimensions: 37 cm x 30 cm
  • recommended outdoor temperature: + 10 ° C
  • maintenance: we recommend that you clean your sleeping bag in a specialized cleaners

Package contents:

  • 1 Sleeping bag for two people
  • 2 cushions
  • 1 carry bag
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