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Silicone curlers - pink

Silicone curlers - pink

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Certainly, every woman had longed for beautiful wavy or curly hair. With silicone curlers, you can create a dazzling hairstyle easily, in the comfort of your home and during one night. The curlers are made of soft silicone material so you won't be pushed anywhere during sleep. In the morning, just pull the strands out of the curlers, adjust the hair and you can go!

It is very easy to use and with a little practice, you can do it once in two. After unfolding, the curler has an hourglass shape, and strands of hair are wound into the narrowest part. Before using curlers, it is advisable to wash the hair, leave it moist and apply a little hardener. After winding the strand of hair, fold the curler back so that it is flat with your head. Follow these steps with all the hair you want to shoot.

Technical parameters:

– Material: silicone
- The diameter of the small curlers: 2 cm
- The diameter of the large curlers: 2.8 cm
- Hourglass shape
- Snap-in system
- Suitable for overnight use – soft material
- Suitable for wet hair with a little hardener
- The effect depends on the original hair length
- The longer the hair, the weaker the strands
- With shorter hair, you can shoot wider strands
- Not suitable for very long hair
- Not suitable for use with a hairdryer
- Can be washed with water

Package contents:

5x small curler
5x large curler

Illustrative video:

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