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Self-inflating bag Lazy Bag - green

Self-inflating bag Lazy Bag - green

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Is it a mattress? Bag? Bed? No! It's a Lazy bag!
A perfect treat to be loved by everyone. You will appreciate it on hiking, hunting or fishing, fit into the trunk on the way to the sea, but it is also great for watching movies in your living room comfortably.
You can take a small and light Lazy bag anywhere with you, inflate and then enjoy the ultimate in comfort and comfort. Thanks to its sophisticated system, there is no need for a pump to inflate it, and you will not even have to strain your lungs. The air to the Lazy Bag is just „catch up“, wringing its end and the perfect lying in the world. Because the Lazy bag is full of air, it can also be used instead of the classic mattress mattress into the pool. And if you do not use the Lazy Bag, it can be packed into a small backpack that does not interfere and can carry anywhere with you.

- Material: 93% polyester, 5% plastic, 2% polyurethane
- Dimensions: 245 x 70 cm
- Packaging dimensions: 33 x 19 x 7 cm
- Weight: 1.1 kg
- Load capacity: 150 to 200 kg
- Color: green
- Type: single-layer Lazy bag

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