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Newton's cradle - Elegance edition

Newton's cradle - Elegance edition

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Get this accessory that fascinates humanity since its inception in the 17th century.
Five balls hung on the lines, originally serving only as a demonstration of kinetic energy transmission, belong, thanks to their unmistakable sound, among the most popular gifts. You can find them both on the tables of busy students, top businessmen or engineers. Love of physics simply does not choose. :)
One or more balls need to be lifted, let go, and then just watch how they transfer energy back and forth between each other.
It is not only an interesting spectacle, but also for many people a pleasant way of relaxation. There is nothing better than to forget about everything and just play for a while.

• Dimensions of the accessory: height 10.5 cm
• Stand size: 15 x 9 cm
• Base color: burgundy
• Material: plastic

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