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Long arm mobile/tablet holder

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Adjustable table holder not only appreciate at work, but also at home. Just attach it to your desk, coffee table or kitchen unit. Then you just adjust your arm to the angle that suits you. The same applies to the holding part – you can also set it either vertically or horizontally – so it can be rotated up to 360 °. With these functions, you can set the holder to the most convenient position for you – eg eye level. You can see everything (movies, notifications, etc.) without using hands.

The desk holder is made of high quality metal and designed in black so it fits into any interior. Compatible with all 4–11 inch devices. The holding part can be extended up to 18 cm. So it can be said that it is suitable for most smartphones and tablets. It is ergonomic and can be transported by folding it.

Detailed description:

Total length of the product: approx. 82 cm
Arm length: approx. 74 cm
Material: metal
Extensibility of the holding part: 18 cm
The minimum width of the device must be: 11.5 cm
Versatile: fits any 4 – 11 inch diagonal mobile phone (Android / Windows / iOS, such as Samsung Galaxy / Apple) and tablets
Ideal for workbench, kitchen unit (if overlapping) or coffee table
Ergonomic design
The phone is in a better position and eye level – without using hands
The holder can be swiveled or tilted
Height is very individual – the phone can be directly above the table or vice versa at the height of the shoulders
The holding part can be rotated 360 °

Package contents:

1x Desk phone / tablet holder

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