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LED shower head

LED shower head

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The shower head changes the color of the LED backlight automatically depending on the water temperature. In addition, it has a function that significantly reduces the risk of hot water scalding – when the water temperature is above 51 ° C, the shower flashes. The color spectrum of the shower provides maximum relaxation.

The shower head does not need any power. Energy is generated by water pressure,thanks to a small turbine located inside the head. Installing the shower head is very easy, just screw it on the shower hose.

at a water temperature of less than 32 ° C the color is green
at a water temperature in the range of 33 – 41 ° C the shower lights up blue
If the temperature of the water ranges between 42–50 ° C, the color red appears
if the water temperature rises above 51 ° C, the shower will flash
Turn your bathroom into a fun oasis that will entertain both children and adults! Boast a simple shower for an unforgettable experience full of relaxation and romance.
The LED shower head is an original bathroom accessory that gives the shower a new dimension.
Enjoy the romantic moments in the bathroom – in the darkness, the color of the shower enlists the entire bathroom. Or entertain the babies with the colorful shower, they will stop protesting about daily hygiene.

Shower can entertain the whole family! Give yourself a playful and relaxing moment in the bathroom, thanks to this latest invention. Get this original LED illuminated shower head, and let the fun begin!
Supplied without a box!

• The shower does not need any batteries – energy is generated by water flow
• Shower height: 23 cm
• Head width: 8.8 cm
• Head depth: 5 cm

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