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Intelligent Plasticine - Magnetic

Intelligent Plasticine - Magnetic

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One of the biggest hits among gifts can not be missed at your home or office!
Intelligent plasticine is mass, at first glance, with absolutely incredible capabilities – it stretches like a chewing gum, when a spring bumps like a rubber ball, tears like paper and shatters like porcelain. This particular is still magnetic, so in combination with the magnet you can do absolutely incredible things with it.
Thanks to their abilities, they are as good as anti-stress tools for dads, like toys for children.
Thanks to our own extensive experience, we can practically guarantee that the whole family will have fun with the smart plasticine.

Magnetic plasticine:
This species is one of the most popular. This plasticine with magnetic properties is well understood by the magnet. A stronger magnet pulls it together, a weaker magnet can manipulate, for example, single filaments.

• Packaging dimensions: diameter 6 cm, height 4.5 cm
• Material: Plasticine
• Color: dark gray

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