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Car protective strip - transparent

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Other variations - Car protective strip

Car protective strip - black

Car protective strip - black

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Car protective strip - grey

Car protective strip - grey

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Avoid unpleasant situations where you accidentally and accidentally bang the door to the wall, or worse, another car.
The protective molding protects your door from scratches and damage, and in addition rips your car with a design accessory.
Its advantage is that it is 5 m long, so it can be cut into multiple pieces and so as many as possible.

The moldings ensure a comfortable ride without fear of rubbing. Another advantage is the sealing of cracks. After that, you no longer have to worry about possible water inflow and wind noise.
At the same time, installation is not difficult. First you need to clean the surface of all dirt and grease. Then you put the bar to the edge and peel off the inner red part. Finally, attach the rail to the edge of the door and trim the rail at the end.

Technical parameters:

– Width: 0.7 cm

– Length: 5 m
- Width: 0.7 cm
- Material: rubber
- Universal protection for all cars – protects doors and edges from scratches
- Protects against door impact and extends the life of the car
- Seals cracks – prevents water from entering, reduces wind noise
- You can cut several pieces from one bar as needed

Package contents:
- 1x Protective strip

Illustrative video:

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