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Car body straightener

Car body straightener

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Curving or denting the car body is an inconvenience that sometimes happens to any driver. Now, however, you can solve this problem quickly and easily with a special set designed to justify the wrinkled bodywork. It is very easy and your car can look like new again in a few moments. This is a very simple mechanical system, thanks to which the body can be accurately aligned again. The package contains 4 plastic sockets of different sizes, so you just have to prepare a hot melt gun and you can get to work.

And how to level the body?
First clean the dented surface of all dirt and grease. Heat the melting gun (not included) and select the most suitable plastic part for the particular dent type. Apply the adhesive to the flat part of the panel, press it to the desired location and allow the material to set for a few minutes. Install the frame so that its legs rest against the non-squeezed body section. Screw the nut onto the protruding thread and slowly tighten until the body is sufficiently aligned. Remove excess adhesive from the body with technical alcohol or a plastic spatula. If in some places the body is pulled out more than you wanted, use a plastic punch and gently knock back.

Technical parameters:

– Frame pitch: 22.2 cm
- Frame height: 5.6 cm
- Length of leveling panels: 7 cm
- Dimensions of flat plastic parts: 2.3 cm, 2.9 cm, 3.5 cm, 3.3 cm x 2 cm
- Spatula width: 5.9 cm
- Length of spatula: 13 cm
- Hot melt gun not included

Package contents:

1x frame
4x plastic part with thread (various dimensions)
1x tightening nut
1x plastic spatula
1x aligning punch

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