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Anti- slip Boots - (EU size 35-37)

Anti- slip Boots - (EU size 35-37)

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Walking through a frozen landscape without the threat of slipping and falling!

These practical gauntlets simply put on your shoes. Thanks to anti-slip hoods, you can handle challenging terrain without the risk of slipping and falling down!


The cuffs are only suitable for heelless shoes!
Before cleaning, clean your shoes and slide the tip of the shoe into the rounded part of the sleeve so that the flat part is under the heel.
Make sure the spikes are in the center of the sole. Then put the second part of the sleeve behind the heel.
Make sure that the shoe shoe is firm and does not move before the hood!
After using the sleeves, wash with soapy water with a cloth.
Detailed description:

Material: flexible polyethylene
Tip material: iron
Color: black, iron spikes with yellow inserts
Package contents:

1x pair of anti-slip shoes for shoes

Illustrative video:

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