We are a proud European firm. Our warehouse is located by the german borders and we are able to deliver within 3–5 days to all European countries.

All about purchasing

How to shop?

Sign up and sign up

Registering at you ** brings many benefits ** and is part of a comfortable online shopping. After clicking on the button „Login / Registration **“ you will see a simple form where you will enter your contact details. Once you have confirmed your registration, a ** confirmation of your registration including your login password will be sent to your email address. When you want to sign in again, ** just click the Sign In / Sign Up button and fill in your email and password.

After logging in, you can access the ** section "Your Account. ** Here you can set a new password, change the address or contact details **. You can also conveniently view your ** order status **.

If you do not remember what your login password is, simply have it sent again. When signing in, click ** Forgot Password **, type your email and confirm. We will automatically send your new password to your email address in no time.

Product availability

For each product on our e-shop we provide delivery time. If you need to know when a shipment will be delivered by your chosen shipping method, you will find the report for each product in the table "When will I now order the product when I receive it?

**In stock **: Product is available in the central stock and will be shipped within 5–7 working days.

** 2 – 6 days: ** Product is in stock at one of our suppliers. It is therefore necessary to count with delivery time of 7–14 days. We need this time to deliver the product to our warehouse and then ship it to your address or Prague store.

** Sold out: ** If the goods are marked as sold out, it is not possible to insert them into the basket and therefore not even order them. This status means that we currently do not have the goods in stock and are not available from our supplier. If you wish to check the availability of the product, we offer the Watchdog service. You can find it under the availability table in the product detail. Once you have confirmed your watchdog, your request will be registered and we will notify you by email when the availability of the goods changes. This service is free and non-binding.


**Shopping Cart: ** Put the selected products in the basket first. You can edit the quantity of goods directly in the basket by overwriting the number of pieces and then confirming with the blue button. Once you have the goods in the basket, do not forget to choose a gift. After clicking on „Choose a gift in the value of up to CZK“ you will be presented with a selection of gifts for your order. Choose one that most appealed to you and put it in your cart. In the same way you can choose from a special offer of wholesale products – choose any products but each at most once.

**Ordering procedure: ** Once your cart is complete, you can proceed with the ordering process. If you haven't logged in yet, you will be prompted to do so by pressing the „Order“ button. As a regular customer, you log in with your email address and password, if you are a new customer, please fill out the form below. The next step is to choose shipping and payment – choose the option that suits you best. For detailed information on transportation and payments, please see the Shipping and Payment section. If you have a note for your order, choose to enter a comment below the payment selection table.

** Order confirmation: ** In the final step, an overview of the entire order, ie the list of ordered goods, including addresses and selected shipping and payment, will be displayed. If you wish to change your shipping address, you will do so easily by completing the shipping address form. The order is only closed after confirmation of this summary. Then you will see the order number and the option to log out. At the same time an order confirmation will be sent to your email.

Track order progress

You can follow the procedure for processing your order after logging in the section * Your account. We will always inform you about the individual steps in processing your order via email. Once your order is ready, we will carefully package it and deliver it to the shipping service that will deliver the package to you. prepare an order for personal collection. You can find out how the delivery proceeds in the Transport and Payment section.

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