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3D pen with LCD display - blue

3D pen with LCD display - blue

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Use a special 3D pen to create real artwork. It will be great for realizing a variety of 3D ideas.

The 3D Pen is not just a drawing, but a variety of plastic objects can be created using technology. It works on a melt gun principle. It melts the embedded material and then creates it. The big advantage is that you can paint not only on the surface but also on the sides, which offers almost unlimited possibilities for your creation. The pen handler is simple, so with the help of parents they can also create children.

How is a 3D pen used?

Plug the pen adapter into the power connector at the end of the pen and plug the other end into the socket. The yellow light then lights up. Use the arrow on the display to set the PLA material, and after the red light comes on, the pen will begin to preheat. Once the pen is ready for use, the indicator lights up green. Insert the PLA cartridge in any color into the fill hole on the top of the pen. The cartridge starts to be pushed out by holding down the lower arrow. The refill is automatically printed and you do not have to press any additional buttons when drawing. After five minutes, the pen automatically turns off. For re-use, press the forward button again. To replace and remove the refill, press the back shift button.

What is a PLA filament?

PLA is a thermoplastic polyester that is extremely rigid and is characterized by color fastness. This is the material from which the filling is made into your 3D pen. The production of this material is based on renewable sources such as corn starch. The melting temperature of the PLA material is about 180 °.

Detailed description:

Pen size: 18.5cm x 4.5cm x 3cm
Color: blue
Cable length: 140cm
Voltage: 12V
String diameter: 1.75mm
Power supply: adapter (included)
Suitable for children from 8 years of age.
Use under adult supervision.
Do not touch the heated tip

Package contents:

1x 3D pen
1x stand for 3D pen
1x plug into the socket
3x color PLA cartridge
1x instructions in Czech language

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